Our team

Chief editor
Hiroaki Ishito

I have two areas of specialty: (1) copy and content creation for businesses looking for promotional content to capture the attention of their target market and, (2) academic writing and research for customers in need of academic support. I have worked in both areas for 14 years and have strong research, writing and reporting skills.   I also utilize my virtual assisting skills (Certified in 2008) to work with clients in meeting a number of their other business needs when requested, either personally or by providing resources, including the suggestion of other professionals who can meet those needs. I have worked with an assortment of online coaches, for example who have contracted with me for the creation of online content, such as social media messages and then requested assistance in uploading and scheduling those messages on Hootsuite or similar.  In my academic area of expertise I have written hundreds of papers on many different subjects within the humanities and liberal arts fields, as well as in business and marketing fields. Research and writing projects vary from the basic essay to dissertations and theses.

Editorial staff:

Ayaka Yagi
Category: Company

Email: ayaka.yagi@sweetsmagazine.net

Organizing information and making it accessible, relevant and useful is the key skill I bring to the table. While information in every field is freely available, managing not just the sheer scale of the data, but also the complexity of human judgement and expertise that generated the data can be challenging. Hence, meaningful application of information often requires tailoring it to the requirements of specific applications and individual people.  With a background in academia as a PhD scholar and university lecturer and relevant industry experience, I use advanced research techniques and sharp analytical skills to conduct intelligent research and organize content into a structured manner making it relevant and immediately usable. Services offered include: academic research, dissertation writing, literature reviews, report writing, comparative analysis, and proofreading/editing.

Mio Kushibiki
Category: Gadgets
Email: kushibiki@sweetsmagazine.net

is a research assistant who helps companies and individuals.  NAME’s experience includes many years of researching and writing. She is a PhD in Insurance and she has been awarded with “The best student award” by the prime minister of her country. Her achieved high level of education as well as award talk about her workaholic personality. You can account on her accuracy, timeliness, reliability, promptness. She is at your disposal for researching and academic writing. NAME is a lovely mother of two kids and has free time to work for you. She currently works on a paper for publishing in a Journal with impact factor.This her obsession comes from her carrier which has started as teaching assistant for 9 years at Government University in Macedonia. NAME is a new freelancer. Her motto is low rates with high quality of work.

Satoru Isoda
Category:  Games
Email: satoru.isoda@sweetsmagazine.net

A Headmaster, Dean, grantwriter, business analyst, teacher to adults and children, course designer, State Dept. correspondent, online program manager – I’ll put all this experience to work for you!   With both a business finance and academic development background, I have experience in many different professional arenas. I have started new businesses, launched successful educational programs, obtained government funding through grants, taught college, high school, and primary school students, presented, represented, recorded, budgeted, consulted, and traveled.

Ayano Toyota
Category: Internet
Email: toyota@sweetsmagazine.net
My writing spans a wide range from informative to entertaining and everything in between. I have the ability to create vivid descriptions that bring to life any story as well as making technical and confusing topics easy to understand.  I have experience in blogging, article writing, research, product descriptions, transcription, SEO writing and book writing and editing. I am able to offer fast turnarounds and multiple rewrites (rarely needed) in order to ensure that everything meets your standards when the project is completed.  As far as my background goes, I have degrees in both Creative Writing and Political Science, which gives me a strong research background as well as the ability to create engaging copy. I have also completed a Master’s degree in Political Science.